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I wish I knew that 8 years ago. I would probably own a hedge fund!
In this course, you will learn how to start your trading career properly, how to minimize risks and increase profit, how to build an invincible trading plan that generates stable profits while bull & bear markets.
Do you know what a trader's biggest fear is? It's having to start all over again!

Maybe you can relate...

Most beginner traders are exhausted by going through the circles of hell such as finding available exchanges in a living country, securing a wallet and using it properly, building a trader`s mindset, not blowing up a portfolio within a few trades while bull & bear markets.
THE SCARY THING IS this process is endless in 99% of cases.

I know how crypto trading can be confusing in the beginning…


Try the "I AM A TRADER" course and start your career as a professional trader without stress and burnout!
Here`s what you will get if you enroll on the
  • How to choose a 100% safe exchange available in your country.

  • The importance of having a metamask and trusted wallets.
  • Step-by-step education on TradingView to make your trading predictable and consistently profitable
Lesson 1
  • What source of news affects the popular crypto coins. Where to find them. How to analyze them correctly.
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
  • How to avoid general mistakes 95% make and join to last 5% of profitable traders. [Tested by over 1000 beginners].

  • How to build unstoppable discipline and control your emotions.

  • Dealing with loss and surviving without blowing up a portfolio.

  • Completed guide on opening orders while bull & bear markets.

  • The Stop-Loss setups for managing your risks and not being liquidated

  • The Take-Profit setups to fix your earnings even if you are away from the trading terminal

  • Use appropriate indicators to predict the potential growth or drop of the coins

  • Using patterns of technical analysis for safer trading

  • DOM & Footprint. Why these are keys to understanding the only reasons why prices move.

Lesson 4
Lesson 5
  • Completed text & video guide to run your exchanges successfully for app & desktop: Binance, Bybit, FTX, Kucoin.
Bonus lesson:
  • Completed text & video manuals on Metamask, Trusted wallet.
Bonus lesson:
  • The secret way to set up and use DOM & Footprint on paid platforms for FREE
Bonus lesson:
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course is built for people:
who Understand the monetary potential of the Crypto world and want to be a part of it.

who Are overloaded with a ton of confusing information and want to implement qualified
knowledge and simple logic in their trades.

who Stuck with consistently losing trades and want to find real reasons for failure.

who Want to find out why the price moves, instead of seeing the chaos of candles
Get It All Right NOW
ONLY $11
Market price: $99
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realistic expectations on every market situation, so now they can better sleep at night.
Get It All Right NOW
ONLY $11
Market price: $99
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course TODAY to prove to yourself and your family you're not a talker or a dreamer, but a doer.
Sure you can put this off, but what's that going to get you? More losing trades? Many mental problems? Less free time to spend with your friends and family? A smaller profit? Fewer travels around the globe?

Thank you for spending time reading this webpage.
I have no doubts you will be shocked by the content you will find in the course.

See you inside!

Yuriy Bishko